25 October 2010

Avoidance part 742: avoiding Halloween candy

So our friend over at Scale Junkie (see sidebar) today asks how we're going to control ourselves around the Halloween candy that's bound to infiltrate our homes this weekend. Do you have any strategies?

Our main strategy here is to not purchase any candy ourselves. We were all set up for trick-or-treaters last year and not one showed. Hubby sat outside on the porch for a long time. None came.

Last year I walked kiddo around our "hood" begging for sweets, but we found very few. In the past this had been a good way to meet neighbors, but to this date we don't know anyone excpt one.

Anyhoodle, I'll take her to my cousin's "hood" and we'll walk around over there, I think this year. Have to clear it with him. She's not much of a candy hound, but whatever she gets I should be able to ignore or get rid of at the church. I'm actually not too worried about it. Maybe I should be, but I'm not.


  1. We purchase either boxes of raisinettes or mini pretzels/goldfish. Surprisingly, the kids love them! I also don't have a problem with the leftovers of these.

  2. It's good that you're not worried about it! Enjoy the walking!! :)

  3. The little boxes of raisins are always a good choice.

  4. The best Halloween trick or treat I ever got was a fancy potted flower that an old man gave me when we unexpectedly showed up at his rural home. Do you think I could get away with giving out potted plants? No? Ok then...I'm gonna give out raisins (guaranteed to make us the most unpopular house on the block!).

  5. We are NOT buying candy. NO Reesus in the house. That's my sabotage waiting to happen...

    Honestly, every time I watch Too Fat for 15, and the part says 'this is the first generation of teenagers who may not live as long as their parents', it makes me cringe. But what else can be substituted for candy? Hmmm, I smell a blogpost...

    Polar's Mom

  6. Ah yes, I wrote about this myself last Monday. I am not buying any until the last moment. And leftovers go straight into the hands of my teen. Interestingly there were several people who commented that their approach is to buy the full size bars since they are less likely to indulge in those.

  7. I am with Polar's mom... NO Reesus in the house! :)

    - Lisa


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