05 October 2010

It's all good.

Scale numbers are still trending downwards. Eating when I'm hungry is going well and making good choices about food. Whole grains, lots of fruits and veggies, chuggin' the water. Exercising daily. Walked a mile today - about 3500 steps - on the Wii Walk It Out game. Gotta love the music on there - Black Eyed Peas, Smashtrax, all kindsa goodies.

More photos of the kitchen to come tomorrow. Maybe I'll get it all nice and shiny before my trip. I intend to take some photos and print them out & tape them to the fridge so Sweetie knows what I expect it to look like when I return.

Very sleepy tonight. No problem getting to bed before 10 as long as the kitchen hasn't been wrecked when I go down to shine the sink. I just found out that I left the light on in the garden shed earlier as well so it looks like I get to go outside in my new PJ's. Well, at least they fit for a change.


  1. shine shine shine that sink! Good for you! LOL But do you wear the white shoes with laces?

    Getting to bed by 10 is an excellent habit to get into. I should work on that one!

  2. Going downwards and being a loser is a great thing :) Hope you have a great week!

  3. Keep up the great work!!!

    Never, never give up...
    Working towards half,
    Tony B. @ Half of 360

  4. You're doing great. I'm sure you feel real accomplishment when you go to bed knowing your kitchen is clean. Good job! Vee at http://veegettinghealthy.blogspot.com

  5. Trending downward is good - real good!


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