26 September 2010


I enjoy my Sundays with my church family, especially since that now includes my BFF. It has been a busy chaotic, fun day and I'm ready for some rest, but I need to force in some exercise soon. Possibly some lawn mowing as well. It's nice and cool out again. The cats are snuggly and so am I, but work must be accomplished in the yard and I do love my John Deere.

Today's sermon was about "entering the mission field" and how we can carry out our church's mission in our every day lives and spread the news to other. A little evangelical for Unitarians ,for sure, but it got me to thinking that it's the same thing we are each and all doing here in blogland. Yes, we are here for support and to gather information, but also to share with the world what works for us. I appreciate this community and you friends more than you can know. So consider this my official "thanks" for today. You're all the greatest.


  1. Love to you too, Lanie. I, too, appreciate the support and to learn from other Bloggers. I don't really like Trolls, but I'm getting some Troll Spray.

  2. I saw you were part of the Hot 100 so I thought I drop by and say "Hi!". I am really looking forward to this challenge.

  3. Hey don't mention it my sista from another mista. Keep up your good work!

    Polar's Mom

  4. Support is here, there, everywhere on the blogs; all we have to do is participate. Thanks back at ya!

  5. That's so sweet. I'm new to the blogging community, and I'm blown away by the support. Glad you feel it too!


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