25 September 2010

Feeling Fruity Challenge

I am SO stealing Patrick's idea!  But really, I'm only sharing it because he said it was okay AND he still has it so it isn't as if it's really theft.

Patrick said he likes playing with his food. ME TOO! My kid does, too, of course.  Also, I know I've been lax (pun intended) about adding more fruit to my diet. Kiddo and hubby loooooove fruit, but me not so much. I love grains and nuts. I guess that explains why Mandy is my BFF. But I digress.

After discussing it with kiddo and tweaking my orignal plan according to some of her AWESOME suggestions, this is what we've decided to do.

We taped 4 sheets of notebook paper onto the back of our pantry door. One for me, one for kid, one for dad, and one for guests - because it really isn't fair to leave them out of the fun. Sorry cats, you're on your own for this challenge. We chose the Whenever we eat a fruit, we add it's sticker to our page. If there isn't a sticker on the piece of fruit, we will add a tally mark in the side margin of our page so that we at least are keeping track. It will be fun to see who fills up their page first. I was winning earlier today with 2 stickers, normally there would be 1 or 0 fresh fruits in my belly by the end of the day. Kiddo had an orange before bed so my lead is somewhat diminished.  Here's what the door looked like before she added her sticker.

As you can see, kiddo has organized hers into columns. I have no idea where she gets her penchant for organization  - possibly her paternal grandmother. Not me.

We decided to add the tally marks because we very much try to purchase our produce locally. In fact, we have an apple-picking outing due one day soon. I doubt we can get the local orchard to put stickers on all of the fruit still in the tree because - well, lets face it people are just lazy bastards. So, we still want to get credit for these apples and she came up with that idea. Works for me!

I hope some of you will join us in our little fruity frenzy. I'll try to remember to post progress photos of our door on the first of each month as it fills. I think this would be a great way to encourage youngsters to eat more fresh produce. Most importantly, it will make it more fun for me if others play along, and it is - after all - all about me.

Thanks again, Patrick (Responsibility 199) for the  inspiration. Don't make me say "thinspiration."


  1. Oh, I SO wish I could have fruit, but it is off plan. My hubs gets all the good stuff at the Farmer's Market, while I only get to pick out veggies...barf.

    I could eat pineapple until the cows come home...

    Polar's Mom

  2. Nice idea, fruit posts. WHat apples do you like the best? I love Honey Crisp and hubby loves Harrelson, Nothing like a ggod fresh and local apple. Enjoy them!

  3. I love this idea. It makes eating healthy fun! Thanks for sharing it. I think I'll go eat an apple.


  4. I am not a grain, I am a crunchy nut, but not a grain.

    Also, those orchard people ARE lazy.

  5. Cute idea for your kiddo, Lanie. Patrick does come up with the good ones, doesn't he? I love the columns - very smart and organized.

  6. Great idea for you AND your daughter...and I love that the focus is on fresh and local.

    Some day I want to be you when I grow up. Except, you know, with more stickers.

    I heart stickers.


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