28 September 2010

My favorite anti-depressant

I exercised again today, more purposefully this time - playing Walk It Out on the Wii again but it's always a better work out on the single-player mode, at least with my kid.   Island is coming along nicely and I even put together 3 constellations today so the sky is brighter at night. Finally figured out how to do that.

Hungry now, had too light of a lunch, I guess. Maybe I'll go for a banana and some walnuts. Definitely gotta do something about all this fruit around here! Plus, I think kiddo has pulled ahead of me with her fruit sticker collection. It's a wonder that kid isn't in the bathroom all the time. At least she's motivated!

I've had a bit of knee pain lately (weather related?) and hadn't really exercised well for 3 or 4 days. Or is it 5?  I began to lose track. We played tennis, baseball, and bowling on Wii Sports during that time, but nothing really to get my heart rate where it needs to be to burn fat. My mood has been TERRIBLE though and I was  so tired of  my annoying family (and not the one that birthed me) that I just wanted to spend the day in bed. But, I didn't - I erxercised instead and guess what?  I feel great now!  Sure, the knee is hollerin' at me a bit more, but my soul is so much lighter. I can not figure out any evolutionary or even religious reason why we humans do this to ourselves: avoid exercise, get depressed, avoid more, be sad more . . .downward spiral.  Any clues on how that behavior could possibly benefit mankind?

Even with the lack of purposeful movement, my weight has remained steady, though. It's just another reinforcement that you don't have to starve  yourself to lose weight.  Move a little more, eat a little less . . . be at peace. It's almost been a week since the first day of autumn that started the Hot 100 and I'm Not Gonna Blow It challenges in my sidebar. I intend to be down at least a pound or two so I got to move-it-move-it!


  1. Nice, banana and some walnuts... toss in a blender with a touch of milk or greek yougurt or whisky and you've got a cool treat to chug down. Ok, did I say whisky? Thats mine, give it back!

    Have Fun!

  2. How is the Walk It Out on the Wii? Do you mind explaining how it works and everything? I want to get it for when I can walk again, which should be very soon, but I can't find a place where someone explains how it works!


  3. Thanks for coming by my blog... just put your in my Keep up List.. will be checking back often..you have a happy place here...

    You know, you are right.. just making small changes.. really helps.. knowing that this is a lifestyle change and not about a diet.. I think also helps too.. best to u!

  4. Good work on continuing to exercise even when you just want to scream. I really want to get one of those Wii allot of people love them but I just don't know if I can justify the money on one.

  5. We saved up for one a little at a time. Daughter and I split the cost, she had saved up her xmas money and allowance and I matched hers until we could get it.

    Walk It Out is a great game. You can play it with the controller + nunchuck, or with the Fit board, or with the Dance Dance Revolution mat (which we don't have). You are on an island walking around to the rythm of different songs. you can earn tokens by walking and then you spend the tokens on all sorts of things to build your community on the island or to buy new songs, open new routes to explore, or even constellations for the night sky. We really enjoy it. Music selections are pretty good and well varied and I only have opened a little over half of them so far.

  6. We heart our Wii. My 9yo likes to kick my ass at jousting. I'd like to say I let her win. But I can't. ((fist bumping you for celebrating all the little victories and learning moments.))


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