28 September 2010

cute little blog

Here's a cute little blog that's just starting up.  She needs followers and support. I'd love to see her have a dozen followers by the end of the day.

If she's starting out as Big as a House I must've been a duplex.

I don't have much time to post a much today, and can't really decide what to write about yet. Kiddo's school had a 2 hour delay this morning and we played Walk It Out for about 40 minutes and got her ready and a nice slow pace instead of our usual last-minute hurry. Hubs will be home for lunch soon and I have laundry to catch up with, plus some phone calls. I intend to come back later and write something profound and life changing, but in reality it will be my usual drivel.


  1. I'll drop by and also start following!

  2. Drivel? NEVER!!! :) What is "walk it out"? Vee at http://veegettinghealthy.blogspot.co

  3. Walk It Out is a game for Wii where you walk to the rythm of music and earn tokens that you use to build the island. Great music, really fun game. We have only fitness games for our Wii.

  4. Awwwweee!! How sweet!! You mentioned me!! Thank you very much!!!


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