19 September 2010

It's pumpkin pie season

One of my favorite things in the world.

We're meeting at Bob Evans for mom's bday celebration today and I know they will be pushing the pie.

I don't need it. 3 days of maintaining the exact same weight and pie is not going to help.

No pie!

And then I look in my side bar and see Jack Sh*t has just posted something titled "mmmmm. .. . pie"

Get outta my head!

I'll be dining on potato encrusted flounder and a baked potato with very little butter and some broccoli. Yum. Maybe I will eat the broccoli first and fill my belly.  Drinking water water water of course.

I'll have a granola bar with my breakfast beverage and hope that tides me over until we get to Bobby E's at 1:30.

Blessing of the animals at church. Should be interesting. As long as there is no pie.

I'm gonna go read what jack has to say in hopes that it will help me with my pie issues today.


  1. Pie is my favorite dessert. Love to eat it, love to make it.

    In the summer, blueberry is my favorite. In the fall, apple or pear.

  2. You know I was not going to do much blogging today, have allot of other stuff to do. But then I saw your post title re: pumpkin pie. ANd I could not resist. Hopefully I will be able to resist when the holiday pie season gets here in all its sweet fury.

    Have a good pie-free day

  3. Pie is poison. Pie is evil. Pie is...

    Mmmm.... Pie... *slobber* Arrrrgh!

    Sorry about that. Had a Homer Simpson moment.

    *shakes head*

    Where was I?

    Oh yeah...


    Pie is poison. It is sugar and fat and unnecessary and unusable carbs. It is a moment on the lips, forever on the hips. (Boy, am I dating myself with that one!lolol) If you absolutely must taste, snag a bite (one bite, girlfriend) from someone else. Savour it. Roll your eyes, groan in ecstasy, then move on.

    You can do this, Lanie. I have faith in you. Yes, I do. :D

  4. I saw a cooking show the other night with apple pie, which made me think of thanksgiving, which made me think of sweet potatoes, etc. Damn that apple pie. Resist the pie!!!

    Polar's Mom

  5. I remember reading somewhere that most of calories in pumpkin pie is in the crust. If you find yourself craving it, you could have the filling and throw away the crust.

  6. You don't need no stinkin' pie! :)


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