19 September 2010

Growing up fat

I know I've talked about this before but I'd like to elaborate a little bit today and even share a picture.

A lot of you talk about growing up fat and I have to admit once again that I have no experience with that.  Eating was not a big deal to me as a kid. It was an inconvenience because I had to stop what I was doing outside and come in, clean up and sit down and be with my family. Mom, older siblings, and me. These were not always enjoyable times. I would finish as quickly as possibly, clean up, and go back outside to my friends.

As a teenager, I remained in escape mode. I was never home unless required. If I was "home," I was in the room I shared with my sister - reading, napping, or studying. Lots of summer days were spent on the porch swing or riding my bike. Ohio winters are harsh sometimes, but outside was the place to be if you could be, or at a friend's house annoying her older siblings.

I was "bean pole" or "ironing board" and even in my junior year "TW" for "titless wonder" for a while. Skinny Minny, aneroxic, skeleton freak. I did not have a great body image. I tried to gain weight by watching more television and eating peanut butter and margarine sandwiches washed down with Dr. Pepper every night at bedtime. Fatty, sugary, white-bread snacks at the worst time of day didn't do it for me. I couldn't sleep anyway, so the caffeine made little difference.   Here's a photo of me at 16 years old. Yep, 1986.

How bout the simulated woodgrain Pinto Wagon, eh? What a sexy mama I wasn't. I remember fluffing out the front of that dress before my bf took the photo. Marilyn Monroe I was not. Great helmet hair though! 

So when I did start to gain weight, I didn't care. It's what I had wanted for SO long.


  1. HI Lanie,
    As you know part of our journey is understanding why we are fat in the first place, I also did not grow up fat. The best part is, you WILL uncover that thinner Lanie and say goodbye to the f.. one. Michele

  2. I was skinny too. And titless:) I wished for more womanly thighs! Well, you know what they say - be careful what you wish for! I just had that metabolism and while I ate junk food, it was never a binge. I started gaining weight, slowly, my senior year of High School, much to my surprise. And it has been all downhill (or uphill) since then.

  3. You were beautiful! So classy! And what thin, lovely legs.


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