28 July 2010

You re-learn something not-so-new every day.

Up 1.1 lb today which is ok because I know why. Twice yesterday I did not stop eating when I had "enough" and continued until I started to get the "full" feeling. Thank goodness I exercised or it could've been worse, of course.

So, what have I learned form this experience?
Eat until I'm satisfied, NOT until I'm full. The sensation of fullness is the body's signal that it's had too much. You've overdone it. It's not comfortable, and it actually slows you down instead of perks you up. Food is fuel, not fun. Or, as Allan says: food is just food - and then, it's just poop.

Now today promises to be a busy, hectic day. Lots going on and fun to be had. I must make good healthy choices as I won't be swimming privately tonight where I can do my water aerobics. I'm not sure the other girl scout moms would enjoy the show at the public pool party tonight. So, I should turn on the Wii and WALK IT OUT sometime between volunteering at church , meeting up with friends, and swimming with the scouts. Oh yeah, I should wash the pond smell outta my swimsuit before then too.


  1. I have this new habit, not sure it works but it is in the testing phase. Whatever I am eating, I leave at least 25% uneaten, no matter what. Odd thing for me, a fat guy to do this, but it is working. Hmm

  2. Interesting idea! I have to fight the urge not to "waste" food by throwing it away. But really, isn't it more of a waste if i consume it and it turns into more fat on my bod? I'm pretty sure I already have plenty of THAT!

  3. I absolutely LOVE what Allan said ! LOL "food is just food..and then it's just poop" Aint that the truth??

    Years ago I did a program at church called "weigh down workshop" and it was about listening to your body and only eating when hungry and stopping when satisfied.

    I've got to get listening to my Geneen Roth audiobook!

    Sounds like you've got a full day ahead. Hope it's a good one!

  4. That is the hardest thing to learn i think! Especially if you haven't listened to your body in years.

  5. I love the 'poop' line! Ha!
    I'm a member of the clean your plate club so it is hard for me to think about leaving food on my plate, but sometimes, that is what makes the difference between satisfied and full.

  6. I struggle with that EVERY DAY.



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