29 July 2010

I got an itch!

More than one really.

It's very much like the pregnant belly itch, without the stretched abdomen. It's all over in different fat- carrying parts of my body. Does skin itch when it is less stretched and changing to be tighter?

I hate itching. There's no rash or anything. Just itches.


  1. lol are you allergic to something? anything new?

    are you pregnant??

  2. Hey..meant to tell you I started listening to "Women Food and God" last night on audio. I *think* I'm going to like her. At first, during the prologue, I was thinking oh please..no way...but I can no longer ignore some excellent points she makes!

  3. So when did you get knocked up, and Congratulations... Why should I be the only one that can't read what is actually written....

  4. God no, I'm not pregnant. Bah!I got knocked up nine and a half years ago Allan. STOP IT PEOPLE!

  5. Change in laundry detergent/fabric softener??


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