29 July 2010

Not counting calories

A few days ago, I posted that I estimated that many days my calorie intake is below one thousand. Tiny attempted to type his very well-reasoned and insightful response there in the comments, but it was too long so he posted it on his own blog here. Naturally, my response to him was also long-winded and wouldn't fit in the comments. I didn't think anybody else was interested, so I e-mailed it directly to him at home. Today I find myself without much new to say to the blogosphere so I'm posting it below:

Oh yeah, I have my 150 calorie Pepsi every darn day and I"m gonna keep on a havin' it brotha! lol

Nutella and walnuts I do not have every day and usually it's one or the other if I'm wanting chocolate. Thought I said that, but really I'm too lazy to go back and look. Anyhoodle . .. .a serving of walnuts is actually 1/4 cup and that's what I'll snack on. And believe it or not, I have done Tbsp of Nutella and 5 "Hint of Salt" Ritz and felt quite satisfied that I had a treat. You forget just how easily entertained I can be. :-) I'll often have just a thin coating of nutella on some nice yummy whole grain bread. It's dreamy.

I have an UNDERactive thyroid, so I don't know how that works with your figures but I will definitely check out the websites you offered as they sound very educational! Thank you!
You don't have to worry about me getting enough proteins because I am still a carnivore. I just get them in less fatty ways than before. I have smaller portions if it's red meat, for instance. I eat chicken every chance I get, too! Confessoin time: I miss bacon.

Don't you HAVE to consume less calories than you're burning if you want to lose weight? Isn't that the whole idea?

Reminder: I'm not dieting. I'm eating when I'm hungry and stopping when the hunger goes away.

Another Reminder: I'm not counting calories, but I was estimating what I might eat on an average day. So some days I probably get plenty more than 800 but I doubt I ever get less than that. I honestly have no idea how many calories I've consumed today. I can tell you exactly what I've eaten, because I've been very thoughtful about each and every bite, but I'm not interested in the numbers. I trust my body to tell me when I need food, and then I feed it.

I'm not going hungry. You know how I feel about discomfort of any kind at ay level. I feel GOOD. I don't have any less energy than I had when I was eating everything in sight. I actually have more because I'm not eating a bag of Reese's miniatures every chance I get or any time my charming husband or some sappy commercial makes me want to cry. (Crying burns calories anyway, right?)

When I think about a time when I was skinny (I don't think I've ever been at a healthy weight) when you and I first met, it never really occurred to me to over eat. With 3 older siblings, there wasn't an excess of food around for the most part anyway but there were treats. But, I would've had to be home to do much damage that way. I ate when I was hungry and I got where I was going primarily by walking or biking. I didn't go hungry then either. I just didn't take the time to sit and eat recreationally until I joined my new family. Boy do these people know how to cook! (My mom still is a terrible cook. I had a spoonful of Kraft Mac N Cheese that she totally ruined just last week)

All this is said because I don't want you to worry too much about me not getting enough nutrients, et cetera. Because of my thyroid condition, I'm under pretty close scrutiny from my doctor, as well. Once my medication is balanced the weight should melt away faster. I appreciate your feedback because you have really given me some insight into where people must be coming from - although I doubt most of them have done the indepth research that you obviously have.


  1. Let's just get this out there right now. I like guys.

    But I could so kiss you right now.

    THANK you for your comment.

    I just feel like S.H.I.T. because I wonder if it's just me sometimes. Because it feels that way. Like it's me against this THING.

    And maybe it is a voice that I need to override. But really...practically, HOW do you do it? Or do you just white knuckle through it until it's not so difficult?

  2. HFP - I like to be in control and I like to be right. Those two things help me to ignore the Voice. I also re-read parts of Geneen Roth books when I need to focus. "Feeding the Hungry Heart" is a great one for days like you're having today. It's not just you, there are thousands and thousands of fatties out there that have that desparate feeling of 'why bother' every single day.

    I know you can do it. I have to believe you can, so that i can justify believing that I can!

  3. Hey Lanie,
    Just wanted to message you and give you a heads up that somethings not working with your link on FitBlogs - did you make any sort of recent change to your link setup? I'll redo your entry just to make sure, but if you've done something new just let me know!

  4. No Bry, I haven't changed anything (knowingly). I wonder what happened. Thanks for the heads up!


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