29 July 2010

Fit Point: Supplements

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This week’s topic:
This week’s FitPoint explores the various supplement options for the fit and active lifestyle: with so many vitamins, proteins, fat burners and more on the market, there is often a lot of uncertainty over what the best combination is for your personal activity levels. So fill us in! What supplements do you use, and what are the benefits of each? Do you think supplements are necessary? If you have used various brands or types, what has worked best for you, and why? Where did you find the best supplement advice?

The main supplement that I take are Fish Oils/Omega 3's. I have found that they help reduce my joint and fibromyalgia pain. I'm terrible at taking pills and will often skip them but I come back to them promptly when I'm in pain. During the school year, I have been known to take some Vitamin D as well because I volunteer a lot and kids are just germy. Vitamin D helps fight off all kinds of disease (including cancer) and doesn't get enough credit. I'm not a milk drinker or a fish cooker (I eat it when we go out, but don't like the smell in the house).

Please check out the side bar for advice on Omega 3/fish oils as they had a recent article. I don't remember where I originally learned about them - possibly when my hubby started taking them for heart health. I read an article about Vitamin D within the last year touting its importance and the lack of it contributing to breast cancer. The best way to get it is spend time in the sun, of course, but being a fair skinned/freckled fat lady, I cna't do a ton of that.

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  1. Healthy sun exposure is good for you! :) I can't get enough this summer. Maybe in time you'll build up a tolerance! Omega 3's are also incredibly important, I'm glad you've mentioned them. Especially for women, its an important supplement to keep in mind.

  2. It's been 40 years and I haven't built up a tolerance to sun exposure yet, Bry :) Anythig more than about 20 minutes during high sun time and I am one crispy critter!

  3. Hi Lanie, thanks for sharing! In the past, I've taken Vitamin D during the winter months to help with my Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) - although now that I know I have celiac disease, I'm hoping that living gluten-free will help to resolve a lot of the depression/anxiety issues I've struggled with.

    The Omega 3 is a great idea. I've heard of it, and have always thought "I should take that..." but then always conveniently have an excuse. I've heard of people having "fish burps" with Omega 3's - have you had any experience with that, or have you found a brand that reduces that at all?

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  5. I am terrible with pills too, the only one I can stay consistent with is the one that keeps me from being a cranky jerk. But that's because everyone reminds me if I miss it! lol.


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