05 July 2010

Plugging along

Last night I actually went swimming in the pond. The water was nice and warm. My daughter played around in the water and I did routines I could remember from water aerobics.

This morning had breakfast of 1/2 a whole wheat sandwhich thin with Skippy Natural on it (about a Tbsp) and have been vegging out most of the morning, but up to do some chores and burn some fat doing them now!

I am down 4.5 lbs since my June 14 post. I was hoping for an even 10 before I go back to the Dr. on the 13th but I know she will be happy with whatever I have to show for it. My body shape is changing, shown in the way my clothes sit on my shoulders, hips, chest. I'm size 24W now again which is what I was when I was working, before pregnancy. I think I was a 22W after pregnancy but I had to make up for all the deprivation of that diabetic diet for 7 months. Nearly nine years later, I think I'm done making up for it.

Super hot out today. More swimming later after the sun has peaked and waned. There are lots of people wanting me to do lots of things, but burning the fat has got to be most important right now. Next week kiddo is at camp and this will really test my no-binge lifestyle. I'm lost without her, usually. I'll need to find ways to stay busy. Maybe helping the inlaws with theri house projects . . .


  1. You are doing great! I am so with you on the "no binge" lifestyle. We can do it... hang tough and prove to EVERYONE how strong you are!

  2. I totally agree with Lyn...you ARE doing great. 4.5 pounds lost in 3 weeks is awesome! And going that long without a binge is tough. I struggle with that too.

    Also, now that I'm out of my blue sad days, I just wanted to say how very much your words mean to me. Your comments keep me laughing and smiling. I feel like you care - and as you know - that means the world sometimes.

    Thank you. From the bottom of my heart.

  3. Also? I totally want to follow your blog, but there is an error message on your page for it. :( So I'll subscribe via Google Reader (which is how I read blogs) that way I can keep up with your great words!

  4. HFP - Thanks for that - no idea what's making the error happen. I'm not much of a tech expert. I'm going to assume it's some issue with blogspot and ignore it, but thanks for letting me know because that explains why I don't have several dozen followers. I'm clinging to that. Don't burst my bubble. :-D

    and I do care!


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