04 July 2010

Fit Point: Summer Goals

This week’s topic:
Summer Goals!
What do you want to achieve by the end of the Summer? Do you want to fit into a new size, do you have a certain amount of weight to lose, or a visible goal to attain? Whatever it is, let us know! Gain support and accountability by sharing.

My goals this summer are to simply become aware of and deal with emotions that drive me towards compulsive eating/bingeing and pay more attention to the nutritional information on food that I put into my body, and the ways in which I move my body.

The Rules
•Write a Post related to the topic. It doesn’t have to be exactly on point but it does have to be relevent.
•Link the person you discovered it from. (optional)
•Use the Banner, linking back to Fit Blogs, and share the rules on your blog.
•List yourself here!
•Comment on the person before you in the list!

1 comment:

  1. This is a really important goal to have, so kudos to you for taking the time to address it. We can KNOW what works and makes us healthy, but that doesn't necessarily translate to how we feel, or what we feel like doing.

    Best of luck! You're going to be in great shape to keep improving if you can do this!


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