07 July 2010

keeping my chins up

I've been swimming every day this week and having so much fun with our daughter. She's really encouraging me to keep moving and eat healthy. I'm glad we are talking about making good choices and supporting one anothere. She's very thin now, as I was at her age, but it's good to get into the habits young, of course.

We have been using our new solar oven almost every day as well, roasting potatoes or chicken, even making a cake from a mix. The cake was delicious and I didn't have the urge to gorge on it at all. Ok, maybe for a sec, but it passed really quickly.

I bought myself some new shorts today because 2 pair of the old ones are officially unwearable. I'm not sure I can fit into these size 22W yet or any time soon, but I can squeeze into them and then enjoy the feeling of them slowly, surely becoming baggy. Next summer, of course, they will be obsolete and I will get to purchase all new size what? 16? We'll see. That's still big, but maybe not the top of the "obese" level on the Wii Fit Plus anymore.

So, I'm down approx 15 pounds from where I started - not sure since i didn't weigh myself when I began, or really realize that I was beginning anything at all for a while. But, I'm still not down 10 from when I set my goals a few posts back. Working towards my new Wii game, though. Maybe they'll even come out with something new by then! I have five and a half pounds to go. I wish I could choose which part of the body that would come off from, but .. . . well . .. .I'll be bra shopping soon, too, I think.

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