20 July 2010

Just checkin' in

I didn't eat a whole lot yesterday. I wasn't hungry. I did eat one piece of string cheese despite my lack of hunger, only to cushion my pain meds so they wouldn't upset my tummy. Pain from normal hormonal happenings and pain from showing off that I could run. Good news: it didn't hurt my knees one little bit. Bad news, my hips and everything above them felt jarred for the rest of the night. So, I'm not ready for running yet, even to the end of my driveway, but it was kind of fun trying. Maybe next time I should wear shoes. I've got to remember my Omega 3 supplements to help cushion these joints.

Speaking of shoes, I am 7 pounds away from my Reebok goal. I guess I'd better start pricing them and hope I can afford them once allowance comes next week.

Other than my short little run, I had no intentional exercise yesterday. Today I intend to start walking at least 30 minutes a day on my Walk it Out game. Cramps or no cramps, I'm walkin'. It also will help the time pass between taking my thyroid meds and being able to eat. Gosh, I don't like not eatin when I am hungry!

So, down point 2.2 pounds from yesterday. My body's doing its job and I'm trying to take good care of it. It's working and I love that I'm in control of it. Today I'll be visiting my mom, so control will be a question on my mind!


  1. Congrats on the weight loss. I wish I could run, but I am just working out on my wii right now. Where did you get the walking out game. Does it go with a wii? Have a nice day.

  2. Best of luck with the visit!
    I can't run either, its so very hard on my lungs still. I'm trying to build up some resistance to running; I expect it will be a while still but I'm working on it!


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