12 June 2010

Fit Point:Sleep

I love to sleep. I can sleep any time of the day as long as I'm at home. I sleep a lot when I'm anxious or depressed, when I should be working out to burn off the stress. I'm sure that my sleep isn't good quality sleep because of my weight I more than likely have sleep apnea. Because of my anxiety issues, I haven't gone for a sleep study, even though I know I need one. I have a lot of emotional issues tied up with sleep and the fact that my sleep was often interrupted by scary happenings growing up never goes away. I'm afraid to sleep when other people are around. I prefer even not to sleep with my kid or husband (he snores too)or even the cats because I constantly worry that I'll wake them or they will startle me and I will react before knowing what's going on. Oh yeah, I got issues baby. I got the whole subscription of sleep issues. So, when I'm left home alone, I often just sleeeeeeeep. But, I'll wake up easily.

I hope that getting more physically fit will help me breathe better when I sleep. And I'm hoping as I get more emotionally fit, I'll be able to conquer some of that other junk. I've been making some progress against the anxiety lately!

Everyone sleeps, and everyone has something to say about sleep. Relate your sleeping habits, schedule or misadventures to your fitness lifestyle. How does it effect, improve or collide with your workouts or eating? Do you enjoy sleep? Or is it a nuisance to your schedule?
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  1. Snoring spouses are the worst! My boyfriend snores and it makes going on vacation with him brutal for me.
    But I also react without being fully conscious - because I sleep so rarely, if someone wakes me up when I actually do sleep, I get angry. Uncontrollably angry. Its really the only time you'll see me moody, and as soon as I'm done yelling, I'm fine again. Its a snap reaction!


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