13 June 2010

My non-plan plan

I'm what author Geneen Roth would label a "permitter" as opposed to a restrictor. Being the youngest of four, I don't do well when people tell me what to do. I tend to rebel easily if I feel somebody is trying to control me, even if it is myself!

That said, I am not on a speacific diet but I am using some tools that I've found helpful. My favorite is our Wii Fit Plus system. When I'm in a really productive mode, I will step on and do the body test daily. Then I can barely resist doing some of the games. It's really fun and each item only takes a few minutes. Of course, before I know it, a half hour has gone by and I'm sweating like the fat lady I am.

Another tool I really like is Nintendo DS's "My Weight Loss Coach." I'm not using it as much as I did in the beginning, but it was really helpful for me to use the pedometer and plug in my steps for the day, record what I'd eaten, and then get some random challenges. If I find myself being inactive again or slipping, I may pull it out again, but it was wonderful to help me get into some good habits.

I'm an avid reader and one of the most helpful literary tools I've found is Geneen Roth's recent "Women Food God" book. At first I shied away from it. After reading it and re-reading some passages, I wish she would've titled it something else. She could help so many people, but I doubt you'll find many atheist men sitting around reading it. Maybe if they had a book cover! It's advice is priceless. Since reading that, I've been more mindful of what my moods are doing to sabotage my efforts. I've been more thoughfutl about what I eat.

Many moons ago I read "An Idiot's Guide to Nutrition" and that has also helped me quite a bit. There are so many diets out there and so many opinions, it's hard to know what the best way is. I've decided for me it's just common sense - move more and eat less food, but better quality. I don't count calories or keep a food journal, but when I go to the store I buy whole grain bread and pasta, lots of produce, and healthy quick snacks. I try not to ever let mysef get too hungry to where I'll binge, and I don't deny myself any of my favorite things. However, I don't make them readily available either!

So, I'm not exactly on a plan. I'm trying to live smarter now so that I can live longer and more easily. I don't track my weight outside of what the Wii has, but I feel better and my doctor didn't spend 20 minutes telling me how fat I am at the last appointment. Instead, she complimented me on the 5 pounds I lost from last year. We have no idea how many I had gained before that, though!


  1. Thank you for all of your words of encouragement! I am here to return the favor. ;0)

    You can do it sista! You are worth wonderful things in your life. :D

  2. Good for you with all of the exercise!

    I actually just finished Geneen's book, "Breaking Free of Compulsive Eating" and found it to be brilliant! I can't wait to read her new one since many people have said that it is awesome.

  3. *giggle* I accidentally read your name as Happy Fun PARTS originally. lol

    Thanks ladies!

  4. I think the "plan" is less important than getting yourself to want to achieve the goal in such a way that you actually do it. If it's always work to follow a plan, it won't work out in the end, but if you can get into a comfortable, sustainable groove that leads to your goal, and you want your goal badly enough to stay in that groove, you'll do fine. I have faith in you!


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