01 June 2010

Eating Healthy, Creatively!

Fit Point of the week

My favorite thing to do for dinners currently is to use olive oil to stir fry random chopped veggies, add about a half cup of parmesan and some Cavendar's Greek sesaoning. I rotate between serving it with whole grain pasta, brown rice, or adding potatoes to the mix. Tonight, for instance, I used broccoli, green peppers, garlic, onion, & carrot and tossed them with whole grain shells. I had some leftover grilled chicken strips so we added those as well. We have two houseguests this week (age 9 and 7) and I wasn't sure how they would respond but they gobbled it up!

Fit Point!!!!
The Fit Point of the Week is similar to Wordless Wednesday, New Friend Friday, etc. We supply a topic, and you write about it! Pretty easy eh? And it’s a free topic you didn’t have to think up! Of course, come back every week for a new topic too!

This week’s topic:
Eating Healthy, Creatively!
This week, FitPoints wants you to eat healthy! But that doesn’t mean the bland, boring food associated with diet; no, this is time to get creative! We’re asking you to share your absolute favourite healthy cooked recipe – so make our mouths water, guilt free!
The Rules
•Write a Post related to the topic. It doesn’t have to be exactly on point but it does have to be relevent.
•Link the person you discovered it from. (optional)
•Use the Banner, linking back to Fit Blogs, and share the rules on your blog.
•List yourself here!
•Comment on the person before you in the list!


  1. Greek seasoning on vegetables, whether stirfried or steamed, is amazing! I habitually do this as well, with 'Normandy mix' vegetables: Carrots, squash, broccoli and cauliflower. Good for you for making a favourite side dish into a whole meal: and for getting kids to eat healthy!


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