29 March 2011

Fruit Binge!

I've been so disappointed in any fresh fruit that I've bought lately. I mean seriously - NONE of it tastes like a paczki! But today I made a special trip to Giant Eagle to raid their produce department. Now we have strawberries, peaches, grapes, kiwi, and cuties - enough fiber to make Patrick proud.

So if you can't find me . . . I'll be either in the kitchen or the potty.

The sun was shining a lot today - I ordered 8 lbs of Russian honeybees with  2 queens for the hives we intend to set up. Our new pets will arrive in mid-may. We have lots of names to decide on.


  1. Organic honey!!! I'll bet you have fun finding ways to use it :)

  2. Ha! Good luck on your new ventures. You should hit up the library...with all the fiber you're getting, you'll have plenty of time to read up on your latest interest!:-)

  3. The last two pineapples I got were OUTSTANDING. Like candy, so sweet. I'm not supposed to have too much fruit, and even two servings slows my weight some (Insulin Resistance), but that's my main sweet satisfaction these days. Hard to give up fresh,s weet fruit...and as the summer approaches with the fruit bounty, temptations will be murderous on me. I've always been a huge Fruity--some days I'd eat 9 or 10 fruits, no kidding.

    Try the pineapple. Strawberries were nice, too.

  4. Exciting new adventures are coming for you. You'll have to keep us posted about how you're setting everything up. Good quality fresh fruit really makes a difference! I could go for some about now!

  5. LOL
    you should have a name contest!!!
    mmmm honey!!!

    love and light


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