21 February 2011

Monday morning check-in

Weigh in this morning went well, don't .9 is nothing to sneeze at. Continuing to trend downard is a good thing, weight-wise!

James M. was a good CPAP last night, as far as not filling my tummy with air, but yet I'm sleepy this morning. I think I just didn't put enough hours in. Remember when I used to go to bed by 10 pm nightly? Well, those days are down the tubes. I'll have to pull them back out again and brush them off. Might as well start today!

No school for the wee one today.  She has friends coming over in the am while their mom teaches at the local community college and then who knows what the day will bring. We were hoping for a trip to Ann Arbor but with the weather the way it is, that's certainly questionable at the moment.

Spunkysuzi's challenge this week is to try a new recipe, blog about it, review it, and take photos. I have 2 I want to try from the Cook This/Not That cookbook so I intend to play along. One was banana bread but I see that one of my over ripe bananas has gone missing. I'm often suprised at what people will eat around here. I bet I could sub some greak yogurt for that missing banana, though!


  1. you are right Lanie, letting go of the wieght is the goal no matter how little or lot!
    Have a wonderful Monday with your little bean and friends!
    lol about the over ripe banana going missing ; )

    love and light

  2. Congrats on your weight loss. A weight loss of .9 pounds is great! Enjoy the day--it's still snowy here, so will be moving slow! No "snow day baking" for me today! If I'm in the house, I will be working on non-food projects!

  3. looking forward to your recipe.... yep .9 is down, down is good! Great job


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