28 February 2011

Haven't had much to say

But I'll make up for that with a long meandering post today.

Pretty much still off track health-wise.

I get easily overwhelmed by life, as we've all witnessed. Today I accomplished a few tasks that I'd been avoiding and I"m glad they're completed.

Weather has really sucked - lots of snow days- a cancelled Chicago trip, lots of quality time with my wonderful Kiddo.

I'm so proud of her. She has somehow come through with a good heart. With all her snow days, and some kind donations from Auntie Mandy and others, she is making cat toys to be sold at our local no-kill shelter. Proceeds will go to help take care of the kitties until they find their furever homes. She also has a goal of donating $100 cash personally this year AND having all of her bday gifts be supplies for them (she also did this 2 years ago). So I am swollen with pride as well as paczki!

Let me know if you know anybody looking to buy a condo near Univ. of Chicago, it goes on the market tomorrow. We'll be sad to see it go in some ways . . . intended to hold onto it a few more years, but the cash will be nice and allow us to do some of the things we are dreaming of - even if one of them isn't making a profit on IL real estate. The Toledo house is still off the market, looks like Mr & Mrs Sweetie Sr. will be staying there during the warm months and heading to FL with the birds. I am hoping we will get Sweetie to go with us on a trip to FL to see his bro's family some time since there will be another "home away from home" there.   So, lots of real estate stuff happenin. Fun times. Stressful times. Completely overwhelming and unfocused times.

Today I went to BMV, 2 post offices, and 2 Clerks of Courts for some errands. Have I ever mentioned how much I avoid things? Anyway, I did all that and finally we can list that condo and I have sent the title to my old jalopy to Volunteers of America. I hope they find good use for it.

I finished reading "Chocolate and Vicodin" by Jennette Fulda and I really enjoyed it. Reading her books makes you feel like you are friends. She has a very personal way of drawing you in. I'm so glad that her aunt Nettie attends my church and introduced me to her books and website pastaqueen.com!


  1. What a sweet daughter you have. You can tell how great the mother is by how sweet the daughter is :)

    Hey, I just found out something startling today....even those who think they are perfect .... are not....what do you know?

  2. Chocolate and vicodin? Yeah, I'm in. I'm a judge the book by the title kinda girl.

  3. I'm happy to see you check in, as you were just on my mind last week. I often LIVE in a state of feeling overwhelmed, so I get it. Have you read any of Made to Crave? There's a great 21-day challenge, and WOW I got a lot of insights! http://madetocrave.org/21-day-challenge/


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