01 January 2011

Starting the 200 Situps Challenge on Monday. Who's With Me?

Here is the link to the program:


I did my test set today - 25, although I wouldn't call them "good form". I doubt if I managed the 35º angle they suggest, but I did the best I could manage with these fat rolls getting in the way.  We'll see how I feel tomorrow where my abs would be if they existed.

I'm half way through the 200 squats program. Kiddo started the push ups program today. I need to do that one too, but I may wait until I'm halfway through the situps. I don't want to pile on too much at once and then end up getting overwhelmed.

So, here's your official invitation: Join me in the situps program. Let's do it! The time investment is minimul - Less than 10 minutes, 3 days a week.


  1. Lanie I'm so going to do this with you!!! I think I'm going to do the 200 push up challenge at the same time cuz I can do them together. =) Thanks for the idea!

    <3 Katie

  2. I would love to join, but I do not know if I could even do a situp, much less get up off the floor. Hey I am going to try though when I get home tomorrow and if I can get up off the floor you got yourself a challange. Wish me luck..

  3. Going to check out the situp challenge.... Chances are high that I'll be joining you. I was just telling my husband about the squat challenge today. Both are great

  4. I had started this on Monday, but gave up by Tuesday because of my Injury. I deserves to be capitalized. Anyway, I will try again this Monday!

  5. I'm like Debbie - don't think I am able at this time. I'm going to start off with the squats and I'll try the sit-ups. If you never hear from me again, it's because I've fallen and I can't get up.

  6. I can try. Try is all I can do.
    Try one sit-up one time!
    That, I can commit to!

  7. I'm checking out the website now, and then doing my initial test.. Too bad we can't use our exercise balls- it's so much easier on my back with that thing!! :P

  8. OK... did my test and I'm in. Not sure about my form, but I'll be better at the end. I got 31. ... 30 more than what I thought I'd get.

  9. I did my initial test last night and managed to push out 65- so I'm starting at week 3. Not sure about my form, but I *think* I was at least close considering all this belly in the way! ;)


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