19 January 2011

snow day, temptation, and only losers gain

So, no school today. What a great blessing, my kid is sleeping in. I should too. I know sleep is the best way to get through this cold. Sleep and water. If school hadn't been cancelled, I'd be volunteering all day at school and church. Luckily when school closes, so does the church office. Yippee!

There is a lemon crumble pie in my kitchen. Oh.my.gawd. How did that happen?  So delish. So breakfasty. Kiddo said last night she wants to try something new with pancakes - crushing up pineapple and adding it to the batter. Real, fresh pineapple. Got it for a buck and a half yday at the fruit market. So yummy.  But the pie - it's already made. And there. and I'm HONGRY.

Biggest Loser was incredible last night. How can anybody gain 9 lbs in a week on the BL Ranch? I was totally expecting to find out that the scale was broken. I thought Jillian might cry. No such luck. Scary lady.


  1. I was really disappointed in that weigh in. Hubby's making bacon. I am supposed to be VEGAN! Why do I want bacon so badly?

  2. I had told my SIL I'd make her some lemon bars and was just sitting here thinking about it. I don't think they'd make it till she gets off work if I make them now though. LOL. Resistance isn't futile!

  3. I don't watch the show, but 9 lbs in one week on the ranch? Hmmmm, that's strange. Don't they have body guards on the contestants - lol. No pie for you!! Nah.

    Be healthy today...do it now!! Yeah. (you know what I mean from my post). Get well soon and those temptations will "crumble" under your resolve.

  4. I think you can have a tiny piece of pie once in a while! If you can keep it a small piece, it isn't going to ruin all your hard work.

    9 lbs is CRAZY, but that they both had that number... I was shocked!

  5. I also was flabbergasted by the nine pound gains last night. I have no clue how that happens. If they were sneaking that much food, you'd think someone would have noticed. So bizarre!!!

  6. Jillian scares the everyliving crap out of me. She jumps on people's backs. Frigtening chick.

    Polar's Mom


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