24 January 2011

"How to Fix the Obesity Crisis"

Fresh in today's mail arrived the February issue of Scientific American. Yes, this frumpy housewife enjoys reading about advances in science - you wanna make something of it? Sheesh, I'm totally fed up with you people all classifying me like you do. Oh wait, that's just the voices in my head. Carry on!  At any rate, I love me some 'zines and this is one of 'em.

This month's cover story is all about fixing America's obesity problem. Dozens to hundreds of studies have been done, of course, but off all the studies - there are 4 steps that rise to the top of all of them to achieve sustained weight loss.  And here they are to you - no charge!

  1. Initial Assessment (how fat are you, what made you this way? what keeps you this way?)
  2. Behavior Shifts (baby steps, small changes in attitude, activity and food intake)
  3. Self Monitoring (weighing in, calorie or carb counting, activity logging, measuring on a regular basis)
  4. Support networks (Weight watchers, friends & family, blogosphere - the more the better)
So, you go to your doctor and weigh in, change your behavior, keep yourself honet , and surround yourself with supportive people. And guess what? Each individual need more or less emphasis on each of these four puzzle pieces based on their own life.  Hmmm. . .people have different needs? what? There's not a one-size-fits-all-fatties solution? It take an integrated approach? I know this will be unwelcome news to some bloggers, but hey - don't blame the messenger. Blame the scientists.


  1. Difference strategies for different people? Well that's just crazy talk! :)

  2. I am one of those who ALWAYS believes this: There is no ONE right way to lose weight, homeschool, play an instrument, etc.

  3. FIRST of all, you crack me up.

    Second of all, who knew that people needed more than just one "quick fix" to cure their obesity?

    Thirdly, I totally need some copper pipes - can you please update me on your Lowe's/HD fiasco so I know when they're installed so I can steal them and make a quick $40?

    Fourthly? I like you. And I think you're pretty...even your hair. :)

  4. Really? Everyone has different needs? I thought we were all made from the same cookie cutter. That's a relief!

    I was reading another awesome post on this subject today. I think I'll link to your blog and her blog in my post.

    PS - I was a "housewife" from the minute my daughter was born until she was in grade 4 and at that time her grandparents lived with us and took care of her while I worked. I loved every minute of it and considered it an absolute blessing to be able to do so. Did it slow down my career advancement? Yes. Is it a tough job? Yes, some people couldn't stand staying home all day with children. Is it worth it? Yes x infinity. Love ya, lil' housewife.

  5. Hey hey hey-don't blame us-it's all you complicated people needing integrated help!! God if you were all just like mice...hmm... ;-)

    Polar's Mom

  6. Hmm, if only we did have a one-size-fits-all way of losing weight. Cheers, Rick

  7. LMAO!! I love this post, couldn't agree more! I've had too many "diets" work REALLY well while I was following them- almost any plan will work. The key, in my experience, is consistency. Something I'm still working on!! Find what works for you, and stick with it to make it permanent. There's no one size fits all diet, but they all have one thing in common: they require commitment to make them effective :) Just my 2 cents!!

  8. Or a one size fits all pair of nylons, Rick.

  9. Heehee I thought it said "Circus" instead of "Crisis!"

  10. I was directed to your blog from Darla. You said what I wanted to say, only more eloquently and used Science to back up your idea... I have a lot to learn from you. ;) Janelle

  11. I will have to pick up the SA. JW wrote a great post that included her notion that the diet industry sets us up to fail.


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