28 December 2010

that was a big day

Sleep study showed apnea. Duh. that's all they told me about it, except for that I have to go back a week from Friday and get another one with the CPAP machine to calibrate it.  The worst part was the hookup. The glue in the hair stinks and it's all itchy. Difficult to get out of my hair. But, if it helps me live I suppose it's worth it.  I hated HATED having hands all over me hooking me all up. Sleeping wasn't exactly cozy  but they did bring me an extra blanket cuz I was FREEEEEZING. It took me longer than usual to fall asleep, but I expected that.  So I go back Jan 14. Yi -pee.

Before Kiddo, when I worked at a j-o-b in the banking industry. Our best "couples" friend from that time has since moved to PA as minister, but we both agree that it was the best job EVAH when were in credit card. At any rate, we got together today for the first time in about 9 1/2 years. They had met Kiddo when she was less than a week old. So we went to IHOP today and got along as well as ever. Unfort, his kid that is only a few months older than ours, suddenly puked on the table as we were waiting for our orders. Her mom ran her "home" to grandparents and came back. The baby sister (toddler) ended up getting her big chocolate chip happy face pancake while mom was gone. We had great fun watching her dig in with both fists. Mom wasn't TOO mad when she returned and it helped the other kids forget about the barf incident.

After that I napped. Dang, I was tired!

I had purchased tickets to the Globetrotters for Sweetie's bday and today was the game. His first time. I was a bit disappointed compared to the other 2 games we had been to at a nearby university but this one was in a hockey stadium and didn't have as good seating. Sweetie was entertained and had a bday gift that wasn't clutter, so he was happy. Afterwards we went to get Kiddo's jersey signed. It is a #41 "Dunbar" jersey I bought for $5 at a garage sale last year.  As the players were signing it, they all said "Awesome! Sweet Lou! Look! Sweet Lou!" and things like that. So naturally I had to look him up on the net when we got home.

Here is a photo and some information about why is one of the most legendary players, and now personnel coach for the Globetrotters. He was even a character in the 1979 animated series. Anybody remember that? He was the one that pulled things out of his superhero afro. I remember that.  Too bad he wasn't on hand at today's game - he's pretty busy in Houston.   As a rummage sale whore, and a celebrity stalker, I am completely pumped about this purchase. This is my 3rd game but I certainly didn't know enough to claim it was the reason why I bought this XL adult size jersey for my 9 year old kid. lol  It looks great on her. We'll have to try to get Dunbar's sig on it along with the others!

Unfortunately, as we were leaving the stadium, she started puking.


  1. You're alive and well after your sleepover!!! Sorry to hear about the apnea. I don't know if you've been feeling really TIRED lately or what prompted the sleep visit, but if you can put up with the machine you're going to be one happy (awake) camper. And here's the good news...perhaps when we lose weight we can get rid of them ;-)

  2. I remember that he was a character in the animated series...how much am I ageing myself here?
    Sorry about the pukefest afterwards. Nothing says FUN like vomiting...ugh!

  3. It's not a party until someone is puking! And by the sounds of it, you partied all day long!


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