26 December 2010

And it's OVAH!

Christmas has come and gone. Time to take down the Christmas stuff and put out the snowmen.

We had a nice visit with mom, sister, and sis' boyfriend yesterday. Kiddo got shloads more gifts and now we need to find a place for all her loot. Thank goodness hubby and I put an end to our own.  

I felt sad for Sweetie yesterday as we didn't hear from his parents until very late and he didn't get to talk to his brother at all. We called at 9:30 on our way home but alas, it was too late to talk to the kids, too. They are normal kids who were up early with excitement about their loot whereas ours had to be dragged out of bed at 9 am. Today I woke her up at 10. She likes her sleep. She his happy with her holiday loot and visiting.

Tomorrow night is my sleepover at the sleep clinic. Enough of that. Let's not think about it. Avoid. Avoid. Avoid.

Other than squats, I've been slackin on exercise lately. Food as well. So much yummy yummy that I push my intuition aside and enjoy. I have undone some of my hard work that way and yet I'm not feeling terribly guilty over it. yet. maybe a smidge. I will not panic over 2 or 3 pounds. Kiddo will be back in school on Jan 3rd and I'll be back to the gym. Until then, she will just have to play Wii with me daily and have fun fun fun doing it. Once I can scrape the remote out of her little sweaty hand.


  1. I slipped on Christmas by about 2 pounds also. But I enjoyed my Christmas, and hard work resumes today. That is balance!! :-)

  2. Glad you all had a wonderful day yesterday.:)

  3. Yep, it's ovah...you had fun, now back to business - you and I - lol. Have fun, enjoy and be careful out there :-)

  4. Good luck with the sleep study. Hubby did it and reported it sad not too bad.

  5. I missed you today! Grammy and Poppy got Just Dance 2 and we had a BLAST today all dancing!

  6. Thx everybody.

    Oh mandy, I woulda LOVED to dance with your FIL to IKO IKO!

  7. I am glad you had a safe and happy holiday.

    Ill join ya. :)


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