23 November 2010


Yeah, so the "Dance Party" class was harder than I thought it was going to be. My knee started really hurting, so I left early and went and rode the bikes until my girlfriend finished up. So I had 40 minutes of good hard cardio and it was really fun. I will probably try it again. It would help if  there were other fatties in the class. Maybe next time there will be! There was yesterday. One friend wants me to try turbo kick with her. Ugh. I think they're all trying to kill me.  But still, at least I'm not working with crazy screaming Jillian! Almost time for Biggest Loser - and it's makeover week. should be fun to watch.

Tomorrow I will go and get "trained" on the weights and then do some cardio, then drop off a bunch of sstuff at the thrift store . . . then come home and finish cleaning and help Kiddo learn to make pumpkin pie pudding. yummy!

Exercise makes me so hungry. But I've been good to not overeat. Staying on the plan, eating when hungry until satisfied - not feeling full. Staying positive for the most part, spending some time on dharmaseed.org which is awesome for learning meditation and I'm not skipping any meds this week because I'll need all the anti-anxiety help I can get with family gatherings. I think I'll do ok if I can keep Sweetie on an even keel. Cleaning the house will help with that!

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  1. That's why I don't do any of those crazy classes. I don't want to be the only fattie in the class who is struggling and sweating like a whore in church. Great job getting out there! And I'm sure it helps that you have a support system cheering you along.


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