05 November 2010

tagged AGAIN?? and follow friday

I've been tagged AGAIN by Rachel over at Watch Me Lose It . Since I just did this like YESTERDAY or something, I'm not feeling like doing the whole thing again. However, I will at least thank Rachel here and honor her by answering her questions. Will you all go over and check out her blog for me to relieve a little of the guilt I feel for not tagging anyone else or making up more questions? Seriously - I'd  do it, but it would cut into my fruit consumption time. Thanks.

1.How hard has it been to find the moral support that you need while you are working on yourself?

I've had to step outside my comfort zone a bit, but that's good for me. Especially since my comfort zone is about the size of a thimble and I'm about the size of a Buick.
2. What movie would you watch over and over again without EVER complaining?
The Princess Bride

3. What was the craziest thing you have ever done for/on vacation.
A couple of years ago we drove to Deleware on a whim so kiddo and I could see the ocean.

4. What's on your homepage?
Yahoo Mail

Oops. While we're at it, I should post the Friday Follow for the Over 40 Bloggers. Geesh, this is starting to feel like one of those j-o-b things! lol


  1. Huh, cut into the fruit consumption time? we can't have that... hang in there; I am sending over a pineapple

  2. A blog is suppose to be fun. Oh I like that you drove just to see the ocean. Cool.


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