06 November 2010

Choosing to end suffering

I'm reading a GREAT book right now, recommended by one of my IRL friends, and not about weight loss. Or is it? As I've learned from reading other blogs, almost ANYTHING can be related to weight loss. This book is chock full of wisdom.

It's called This is Not the Story You Think it Is by Laura Munson. And right now? It's bargain priced at like $8 instead of the $25 I probably shelled out for it.

I'm not giving away anything by saying that on the first page, her husband leaves. Maybe he doesn't love her anymore - is incapable of love. They've been together for a long time, and have young children.  But she makes up her mind that she is not going to suffer, or "wallow" as I would call it. She's not spending her time feeling sorry for herself or desperately clinging to her husband who is clearly having his own crisis. And so far, she's not stuffing her face with chocolate cake, brownies, or chips. Mmmmm. .. . chips. 

I'm just begining the book, as I said, but it's got some great quotes and wonderful pieces of wisdom in it. If I had my way, I"d curl up with it all day today and absorb page after page. Alas, the family will wake in a while and want me to be part of it. Which, I admit, I love.


  1. I'm an avid book reader and will look into putting the book on my Kindle. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Wow - sounds great - cuz I tend to "wallow"


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