08 November 2010

Meatless Monday take 2

No meat for me today, or for kiddo. 6 servings of fruit for me today and Aunt Flo is calling ahead to say she'll be here soon. Suprisingly, though, my energy level hasn't been too bad! I did 10 minutes of "Free Run" on the Wii Fit today which doesn't sound like a whole lot now that I say it "out loud". I should push for more tomorrow. It was my first try on that, realizing I can run while I watch "Fresh Prince of Bel Air"  could be a real turning point for me. I think I burn more calories laughing, don't you?

Big excitement around here is playing mancala lately. To add to the dinner entertainment, we put some wildlife feed out on the deck today and some super-cute raccoons came to dinner. Hobbes was fascinated by them and they are so maskilly adorable.

All in all, a good day today, but didn't get to read all of the blogs I wanted to. Only 45 minutes until bedtime and I don't think it's gonna happen. Must go report in to Sir Patrick and get the kiddo outta my bed and into her own.


  1. I just wanted to tell you thank you again for helping me with my blog problems. You are a sweetheart!!

    Raccoons are so dang cute! I have an aunt that raises them for pets.

    Have a great Tuesday!!

  2. I exercycle while I read or watch TV. No particular show any more. And yeah, it goes by faster.

    You did good! Vee at http://veegettinghealthy.blogspot.com

  3. WhooWhoohooo... fruit challenge has been achieved. Thanks for the idea and for the endless pieces of fruit you put down for us. Hope the belly is happy with you.

  4. I try to do Meatless Monday as well. It's something good for you to shoot for.


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