07 November 2010

Looooooooooooooong weekend

Kiddo had a day off Friday, Sweetie worked Saturday, and today was an extra hour long. Somehow, though, not a lot of time for myself. Oh well, that's what MONDAYS are for. I looooooove Mondays.  Even though I'll be bustin out housework all day, my thoughts will be mine, my time will be mine, and I'll just be more centered and more at peace than on these busy weekends.  Selfish, I know. Nice to meet you!

Sweetie baked an applie pie. It's November. where's my pumpkin pie? Oh well, it's a fruit serving!


  1. nice to meet you too.

    Im the same way :)


  2. I'm with you. Good bye weekend..HELLO SWEET WONDERFUL MONDAY!!!!!!!!! I love mondays too! And I'd take apple pie over pumpkin any day. :)

  3. Ah, pie is a fruit serving. Careful with that one, of the next challenge may be to see how fast we can tally up 199 pieces of pie eaten.

  4. Apple pie is a fruit serving? *slaps forehead*

    You are not selfish for being happy to have the fam off doing their thing and getting some solitude. I got over that guilt a long, long, long time ago. I am a person who requires long stretches of solitude. If I felt guilty every time I reveled in it, I would be on IV meds in a padded room, by now. Seriously.

    So, don't feel guilty. Enjoying your alone time (even if you spend it G.I. ing the house) is nothing to feel bad about and doesn't mean that you don't adore your family. :D

  5. I'm with you about the pumpkin pie, I love that stuff, It's good that I don't bake it often. It's my kryptonite. This year I am going to master baking a pumpkin cheesecake..hopefully.


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