02 October 2010

How many calories does knitting burn?

For the first time in several months, kiddo and I went to a fiber-arts club that meets monthly at our church. Now, I only know the "garter" stitch which is straight knitting, no purling or cabling or anything fancy. I can make dishcloths or scarves, or any other type of quadrangle you can think of. I'm not as cool as Ice Queen but it is a goal!

Back in January when Kid and I were taking our knitting class, I began a scarf for my Sweetie for Valentine's Day. I plan to finish that tomorrow or the next day. Timely, eh? Well, why are you suprised? If I had any self discipline I never would've weighed 289 lbs!  So today I sat and knitted for about three and  a half hours. Coincidentally, it is one of the recommendations for comforting yourself without food in this book. I guess they don't take into account that some of the other knitters might bring brownies. Evil, evil knitters!  We brought honey crisp apples and bosc pears, though, from the farmer's market so we ensured healthy choices.

I'm ready to learn more knitting to keep my hands busy in front of the fire this winter without eating. One of my favorite "church ladies" asked me to help knit things for the Holiday Craft Bizarre including a "lump of coal" from a pattern she is going to copy for me. Wait til I confess to her that I can't read a pattern. I bet she'll help!  If I ever finish this dastardly scarf, I'm going to allow myself to start reading and learning from this book. Maybe some day I will write a book called "knit yourself thin!" and make a hundred bucks  - or more!


  1. Let me tell you. That works. you can't eat with needles in your hands and it's hard to eat and stop when you knit cause you can mess up so easily. Pictures when you're done?

  2. Keep the Aspercreme nearby!!! ;-) My wrists would be killing me!

    Polar's Mom

  3. I think it would be a great food blocker... I have always wanted to learn how to knit..

  4. Not sure how many calories you burned but it's probably at least 3 or 4. Depends on how "active" you were! Maybe you can fidget or wiggle your legs when you do it. Wow... 3 hours of wiggling will really get that count up! Vee at http://veegettinghealthy.blogspot.com

  5. Hey I would buy that book. I can not knit, but would love to learn. It would be something to do this winter at deer camp. I use to cross stitch, but my I can not see like I use to. :)

  6. Yepper, it is hard to stuff your face when you are knitting and purling away.

    Lanie, you need to learn to purl. :D It is really easy. Once you can purl, you can do any stitch, all knitting is a set combination of knit and purl. Now... If I could just master knitting in the round... I can knit just about anything I want flat, but ask me to make a tube and I am screwed. lol

  7. If you're knitting, you're not eating....lol! And I'd really like to take up knitting, I just don't know where to find a class!


  8. For over a year I have been telling myself I need to learn to knit so that I can keep my hands busy when I watch TV! I did it a little when I was in high school, nothing fancy, so I am thinking it would come back to me very fast. I need to find some place to relearn.

  9. Knitting, um, I got nothing. Can you knit a treadmill?


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