04 October 2010

Friend Making Monday

Again with the Monday night friend-making.  I find Kenz and her blog asking what we like about autumn.

If you're interested in this little meme, please go visit her and participate.

There's an endless list of things I like about fall. The weather is crisp and cool, the vibrant colors, the migrating birds, the sound and warmth of a roaring fireplace, friends coming over for bonfires and hay rides.  Wildlife visitors become more frequent - although hey rodent that's eating the fish food in the garage . .. um, could you please be a little tidier? Thanks.


  1. Who doesn't love fall? Everything about it is wonderful. :-D

  2. I love the fall!!! I have already decorate my house (since August 15th)! I have pumpkins, scarecrows, florals, candles and even a Christmas tree (well fall tree) that is fully decorated with all kinds of fall things. It is beautiful!! I go to pumpkin patches every week in October. My dauther & I have a contest to see who got to see the first leaf fall. I love the colors, smells, weather (even the fog), food and fun. I love going to the craft bazaars and farmer's markets. Every year I have a harvest party. Mostly adults attend and we have a apple bobbing contest, coloring contest and a contest for the best carved pumpkins - Including prizes!!! I just love it!! Can you tell?

  3. LOL, love your sweet little comment to your rodent vistors...made me laugh.


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