29 October 2010

Eating strategies for Holiday festivities

I read a great article here . Let me splain. No - it is too much. Let me sum-up.

It's not all or nothing: eat healthy before you go, don't sabotage yourself just because you know you'll be tempted later. Treat each meal separately and attempt to give your body the necessary nutrients to get you through the day.

Get the lay of the land:  Check out the offerings before you grab a plate and pile it on. Think about what you might like and then if you really want it  - have it, in a reasonable amount.

Keep it colorful:  Make your plate colorful. Not all tans and grays. You know that your body needs the nutrients from colorful fruits and veggies and this is a good opportunity to get them.

Don't drink your calories:  Stick with water every chance you get. There's just no healthy way to booze it up.

Be realistic:  Don't beat yourself up for having treats. It's a celebration! Keep moderation in mind and sample some goodies but remain in control.

I would personally add "don't go hungry" because if you arrive with an appetite, it will be more difficult to make good choices.


  1. These are great tips, thanks for sharing them.

    I'm popping in from the Friday Follow.



  2. Keep it colorful, one of my fave techniques too. Not just for holidays but any day. Have a Great Weekend!


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