29 September 2010

Up late tonight

Have a sad little girl in the house tonight and I'm staying up until I'm sure she's fast asleep. Apparently she hasn't been informed of the Hot 100 challenge and the commitments I made there. Well, kiddo, mommy's tired. She got into that 10 pm habit quickly. Mommy loves sleep. Sleeeep


  1. Aww. Hope your sad little girl feels better tomorrow.

  2. Sorry she's sad. Hope things are better for her tomorrow. And hope you get some sleep!

  3. Oh, I remember those days! We got over them somehow, thankfully. Happy sleeping, once you get there. I wish I could let myself go to sleep by 10!

  4. She's sad cause you are going to bed early or cause she has to go to bed early now?

    Polar's Mom

  5. She was sad for a totally unrelated reason, but she's going to be ok. :)


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