30 September 2010

Hot 100 and I'm not going to blow it updates

It's been a week since these challenges began. Here are my goals and the results so far:

Health: Go to bed by 10 pm nightly.  This worked for me every day except yesterday when my daughter was having a hard time going to sleep. Her dad couldn't be home at bedtime and the separation anxiety was too much for her. She loves her some daddy time. I can't sleep until she's asleep, so I had to be patient. I think I was only about an hour late.

Food: Eat more fruit! I've started a fruit frenzy and am eating fruit at least once a day which is more than before. Today is farmer's market and I'm looking forward to some local pears and apples. Thanks Patrick (Responsibility 199) for the inspiration!

Activity: Achieve BMI at or below 35 Currnently 37.99 -> moving in the right direction!

Accountability: Blog at least 2x daily I have done so every day so far! Woot!

Pay it Forward: Encourage hubby to join the journey He's not taking the bait yet, but I'm still dangling the carrot (maybe if I put some ranch dipping sauce under it, he'll go for it).
And my overall results are 1.5 lb down from last week. It's not as good as usual, but with 4 days of not exercising, it's about right.  I've also found lots of great new blogs through The Hot 100 with lots of great people hosting them. They've restored my confidence in blogland. I love finding the good guys!

This morning I hung out with my cousin and we ended up at Bob Evans for breakfast after a trip to Ziebart and our favorite hangout - the bookstore. He's one of my favorite people in the world.


  1. 1.5lb loss is still good :) Sounds like you had a pretty good week and i'm sure you'll have an even better one next week!

  2. LOL... I read this too fast and for a minute I thought you said Ziebart was your fave hang out. I've never known anyone to be so into their rust proofing.

    Fruit, you bet, jump on that parade.

    The 1.5 pound drop - awesome, perfect in my book.

    Well done, keep on showing us how to kick a challenge in the @$$

  3. EVERY quarter lb. is a victory! You go girl!!


  4. Congrats on the loss and any loss is wonderful. I would also like to get my hubby interested...

  5. Congrats on everything! That's really awesome, keep it up. And your hubby will come around eventually lol. They all do.

  6. Sounds like you are doing great!!

  7. You're doing great - keep it up! I should have added a sleep goal in to mine, it's way more important than we give it credit for!

  8. Wow. Great job on both challenges!

  9. I think you're doing real well on all points. I feel for you with the sleeping thing. The other night my Kid couldn't get to sleep until about 4 a.m. and then only for about 2 hours. Neither of us got sleep, because as a mom, I don't sleep either. Go figure. He's almost 14!!

    What's this hot 100? Vee at http://veegettinghealthy.blogspot.com

  10. Great job! The hubs will come around when he sees how much FUN you are having!!

    Polar's Mom

  11. That's awesome, Lanie! You are doing really well on your goals! I need to get out and find the other hot 100 bloggers! It's really inspiring. WTG on getting the sleep, that's the one I am not doing so well at for the moment.

  12. Lanie,

    I agree with Polar's Mom...you gotta start showing him the benefits of weight loss! lol All I will say is that there are some great benefits for men and women to share together...apparently it doesn't count toward your activity count:-(

    You are doing great with both challenges...keep up the great work. I think I'm going to add the sleep thing to my goals...thanks.

  13. I was stopping by to see how the Hot 100 is going. I agree with everyone else. Any loss is good. Even if you have a small gain know that you are doing everything you can to reach your goals and your body will catch up to you. Sometimes out body is more stubburn than we are...lol

    I agree with you on blogland...I remember a day when things were not so cut throat out there. I started a blog in 2003 and it was a lot different back then.

    Good luck with your goals.

  14. Sounds like a great week AND your weight is down, too!! Excellent, Lanie!!

  15. I am definitely a fruit bat - and it showed some GREAT results this week eating more fruit. Hubby WILL come around, Lanie, when he starts seeing how good you're looking and feeling - there is hardly a better motivator than that!

    Good luck for week 2, whoohoo!


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