18 September 2010

Trying new things

Today is my mom's 82nd birthay.

She always used to remind me that she didn't weigh over 100 lbs until after I was born.  This is quite remarkable since I was her fourth child.  I learned how to be a picky eater from her. She told me I wouldn't like something or that it was gross, I wouldn't try it. I'm constantly working to change that. I've come a long way!

She came to live with us when kiddo was 4 and stayed for a coupla years. One of the first meals we had, she refused to try the asparagus. Kiddo told her "Grandma, trying new things is part of growing up!"  It was one of my all time favorite quotes from her.

This, of course, is one of the lines I had fed the kid since day one. Trying new things is part of being mature. Even if you tried it before, and didn't like it, you might like it again another way or on another day.   It is possible to learn to like things, especially if they are good for you!

Another great example of advice I give to others that I never followed until recently.  I've tried all kinds of vegetables now, I've fallen in love with stir-fry, I've learned fun exercises, and I've found that there's a lot to like about something I've always despised - me.

What have you learned to like that you always thought was despicable?


  1. Cooked carrots! I roast them, sliced, for a long time, with sugar-free maple syrup on top. Like candy:)

  2. Being outside. I still don't like bugs, or sweating, but I am enjoying the outdoors since I started my journey.

  3. Brussels sprouts and whole wheat bread!

  4. I share your love for stir fry. Our office cafeteria has one of its lines dedicated tostir fry daily and I hit it once a week. Once a month or so I do it at home too. But at home I have to use less veggies because my family is not into them as much as I am.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Scallops. They stink a bit. But I finally realized how to cook them! And they are so lean its hard to resist them.

    Polar's Mom

  6. Brussel Sprouts too! Funny that you bring up that your mom told you that you don't like this or that's gross. I read that in parenting book that that is not a wise idea to tell your kids things like that. Your Kiddo is wise.


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