17 September 2010


Here are some Non-Scale Victories I've been noticing lately  . . .

My 2XL shirts look baggy
I'm wearing some size 20W pants
I was able to do the Super Hula Hoop on Wii Fit Plus for 10 minutes today. I thought I'd die, but I did it!
I'm sleeping much more deeply. I hope that means the snoring is going away
My laptop is resting much further away now that my belly isn't as big.
I can outrun my kid if she's loaded down with her school gear!


  1. Love the NSVs. You go!!!

    Thanks for the award. Now, before I post my acceptance(!?!), how about you respond to those questions. Okay??

    Have a great weekend my blogger friend!

  2. I'm sorry, Michele, what questions?

  3. Great list of NSV''s, my fave: My laptop is resting much further away now that my belly isn't as big.

    Have a good weekend!

  4. I love these:) I sleep better when I eat better. Not even snoring related. Except I also get up to pee more often at night!

  5. I can't hoola hoop at all, so I am jealous!

    I notice I am sleeping better, too. I am usually so hot at night, but I have been cool enough to be comfortable and only wake up when I have to pee...which with 64+ ounces a day is ALOT anyway.

    The best thing-outrunning your kid-keeps them honest! HA!

    Polar's Mom

  6. Super Hula is fun. Way to go, Lanie.

  7. Love those NSVs! I can't wait until the day I have a lap again.

  8. You should be able to outrun your kid even when she is not loaded down.

  9. well, I can't outrun my kid either...we laugh and laugh about it...she is so speedy! Not sure I could even if she was loaded down!

    Great NSV's! thanks for the exercise tips without my foot!


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