23 September 2010

I guess he's not all bad.

My husband, that is. I guess I'll keep him!

A lot of my day today was spent researching, test driving, and working with a salesman at the local Mazda dealership. Finally at 9:15 tonight we came home with a shiny new station wagon. I'm sure I will be the new "go-to" mom for field trips once kiddo's school  finds out about the expanded seating capacity  In spring, I'll be buying myself a new-to-me bike and we will easily be able to put all our bikes and selves in the car to go to the park. Sweet!

I hope cleaning out the other car and detailing it's innards burned calories because that's all the exercise I got today and I have to get to bed within FIVE MINUTES or else I will have blown the challenge on the first day. Can't have that now, can we?

If nothing else, our bank account lost weight.


  1. Haha-your bank account lost weight. Funny. Sad but funny. But new cars! Yipee!

    Polar's Mom

  2. Congratulations on the new car. That's always exciting.

  3. Sounds great to have a new car and one that can accommodate the bikes. Good mpg's too??

  4. Girl you are hilarious....bank account lost weight!

    I hope you enjoy your new set of wheels, I need to get me one that I can transport a bike, toddler, and two Rhodesian Ridgeback who weighs over a hundred pounds each.... oh my husband may want to come to!


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