24 September 2010

Headaches, supplements, randomness

A quick few thoughts banging around so far today . . .

I've been getting a lot of headaches.  Like almost daily. Something I need to talk to my doc about when I see her next.

Another thing is whether or not I should be taking supplements and which ones I should be taking. So many products out there, how do I know what  need?

Football. The kiddo thinks she's a cheerleader or something and tonight we go to a football game to watch her cheer. I'm sure it'll be cute as all getout, but I'm seriously not interested in football - highschool or any other kind, so while I'm cheering her onward I really would rather she enjoy some nice indoor sport that's a little less complicated.

Headache. No wait, I already mentioned that.

Not feeling a lot of motivation today.  Bus will be unloading kid soon so I'm off to travel down the drive-way and hoping she doesn't REALLY wanna practice clarinet right away.


  1. It's difficult to be motivated with a headache. I would talk to your doc about it. My daughter gets headaches too, but I'm sure she was given something by the doc to take care of them. Hope you feel better soon. Go Cheerleaders!

  2. Headaches sometimes are a sign of dehydration. Chug a bunch of water and you might find it gets better. Supplements are over rated. Not knowing your paticular medical history it's hard to give advice, but I'll give you the standard suggestions: Multivitamin, calcium and Vitamin D are a must. When you are dieting sometimes b complex can help your energy level. Do not take any vitamins at the same time as your thyroid meds.

    Many many herbals interact with medications. Be careful and always discuss with your doctor. Remember that just because it says "natural" on the label it does not mean it isn't a medication.

    Football ROCKS! Enjoy the thrill of competition and cheer your girl on!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! On the headaches- I'd definitely talk to your doctor about them. When I got back from my honeymoon in July, I started having migraines almost daily for about a month. My doctor switched my birth control and had me try 2 different migraine meds (I couldn't take them because of the side effects though). A week later, they just stopped. They think mine were hormone or weather-change related. If they've been frequent lately, definitely make an appointment!

  4. Thanks everybody, especially Doc! :)

    I am the hydration QUEEN, so I know it's not that. I drink 10 or more glasses of water every day and it's the first remedy I try for anything.

    I hate taking pills so I've been really resistant to bringing up the subject of supplements with my doc, but I think it's probably a good plan. I appreciate the advice. I am good about taking nothing with the thyroid medicine and not eating for at least an hour.

    I'm not on birth control pills. I tried them for a coupla months and HATED them. Never again. Have I mentioned I don't like pills?

  5. Headaches are horrible and I use to have them all the time. Come to find out it was my blood pressure, now which I am trying to get in control by losing weight. I would talked to your doctor before you take any supplements. Have fun with the cheerleading... :)


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