08 August 2010

Sustainable Living

I don't think I'm alone in this. Sometimes I am not at all hungry, yet I have the urge to eat and eat and eat and eat because I can. Because I want to. Because nobody can stop me. And sometimes there isn't a clear direct reason that has triggered these feelings. At least not that I've been able to uncover. Maybe it's just that comfortable old habit that I miss. The instant gratification and satisfaction of doing what I want to do even though I know it's wrong. It's the compulsion talking. It really hasn't gone away the way I want it to. Maybe it never will.

I need to think a lot about things that sustain me or "nourish my soul" other than food when these moods strike. Writing is one way, talking to my friends is another, and exercising is a third. Reading is also good but the fact that I'm reading "Eat Pray Love" probably is not helping curb the desire to do impulsive crazy things.

I'm looking for suggestions. What kinds of things have you found in which to immerse yourself to find off those old urges? Is there some way you "take care of yourself" without food that others could try?


  1. Blogging, and reading other blogs has helped me. Having a hobby or something to do with my hands in the evening also has helped. I was knitting for a while and that *really* helped. I need to get back to that.

    One of the best things recently that has really helped with feeding my soul has been to make the time to go out with a good girlfriend walking. Even if we only get to walk together once a week, it does *wonders* for me.

    Writing, writing, and writing some more.

    Listening to inspiring music.

    I'll be thinking of this today!

  2. Hi Lanie, new to your blog.

    I also blog, go on spark, read (also reading Eat Love Pray), watch episodes of YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT on You tube...
    I simply look for ways to inspire me, and when I get inspired I walk away from the food.

    Have a great day!

  3. I read blogs, take my little dog for a walk, call someone in my family whom I haven't talked with in awhile, clean out a drawer or a shelf of my closet, read, ...

  4. Lanie,
    first, thanks so much for your GREAT suggestions on my blog! I really appreciate the pointer on OMEGA 3s being natural anti-inflamatories and the suggestion to check into the lap band diet. Both great ideas! Keep 'em coming! Now here's one for you! There's a really great book called "50 Ways to Comfort Yourself Without Food" which is designed to meet different emotional needs (even though it says "comfort") rather than eating. I think this is a good first step towards putting a halt to that kind of mindless eating. I think it's great that you are searching for activities to feed your soul. One thing you might want to try (if you have the time) is an activites club. They do all kinds of things that you might not have thought of. I am looking into it, myself, just to see what new things I might want to try.

  5. I have the Dr. Phil book -- 7 Keys to Successful Weight Loss (I am paraphrasing the title..lol) and he mentions changing patterns within your life.

    For instance, everytime you feel hungry and it is not because you *are* actually hungry, he suggests to take a shower, take a walk or do some activity in response to the hunger. If after 15 minutes, you are still hungry... then it is physical hunger.

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog!




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