13 August 2010

Mama needs a new pair o' shoes!

How does one lose 3.7 lbs overnight? Hell if I know, but that's what my good friend the Wii fit is saying. It's just about time for my monthly "big gain" though, so I'm probably gearing up for that. At any rate, I've reached my next mini-goal and lost another 10 lbs. So, if I can maintain this loss until next payday, I got some new work-out shoes coming my way!

I'm averaging about 10 pounds a month without a lot of suffering. Anybody can do this. This is sustainable. I don't have willpower or self-discipline. I don't have a degree in nutrition, and I don't pay a monthly fee to belong to a support group. I eat when I'm hungry, and I stop before I'm full. Yesterday's dinner? Kraft Macaroni & Cheese (daughter's choice)at 7:30 pm. Lunch? Tater tots & real fruit slush at Sonic. Breakfast? Pepsi and a Sweet & Salty bar. Snack? a handful of walnut pieces. Exercise? Swimming!

The key to this process for me has been mindful eating. I've read Dr. Phil, Geneen Roth, and currently reading Thit Nat Hanh & Jenette Fulda. I take what makes sense to me, what works for me, from every source I research. There's no one answer out there, but this works for me so far!

My next mini-goal (iPod) is 15 lbs down the road. At this rate it will be achieved at the end of September. I'm good witht that. I don't need a quick-fix. This is a sustainable life change. As long as I can keep my brain in the game, I can do this. I have a wonderful support system out here in the blogosphere and and my IRL girlfriends. My nearly 9 year old is my biggest fan, and my BFF is a close 2nd. With all this support, who can go wrong? Thanks everyone!


  1. I am really struggling...so I'm so happy that it's coming to you easier.

    I just can't get it together on a regular and consistent basis.

    So today, I try again.

  2. Good for you! I wish it came that easily to more of us.

  3. Congratulations! Awesome step, and I am proud of you. Keep it up!

    Same to you Happy Fun Pants, don't give up! Struggling is okay, quitting is unacceptable! :)

  4. Thanks everyone! While the concepts I'm using are certainly simple, I wouldn't call it "easy". It took a long time to get my head where it needs to be for this, and it's still a challenge to keep it there somedays.

    Last night I attended a pool party with kiddo hosted by her new school. I knew nobody there, not one person. I was in a swimsuit. It started at 9 pm - the time I usually take my anxiety meds. I can't drive after I've taken my meds, so I hadn't had them (didn't plan ahead and take them later the night before). Trust me, i was WIGGING out. It's a good thing they didn't have snacks there. I had to fight the binge-urge all day to make myself feel better. Easy, it is not.

  5. I am really proud of you! You have worked hard, whether you think so or not. Also, my hubby is proud of you! YOU ROCK!

  6. I,,,,,Oh, I can't..... All the best


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