11 August 2010

10 Things I'm looking foward to doing when I'm not obese

I wish I could remember whose blog inspired this post, but I've completely forgotten . . . If it was you, please let me know! I saw a similar post very recently and started thinking about my own list and this is what I came up with for it.

1. Running

2. Sitting at a restaurant booth without getting a table wedged into my gut.

3. Buying clothes without and "X" or a "W" on the size tag

4. Shopping at Victoria's Secret

5. Wearing cute sweaters

6. Not a having to worry if people can get around me at stores or restaurants

7. Having energy to REALLY clean my house

8. Attending high school reunions

9. Going to my home town

10. Not struggling to get up out of the bathtub.


  1. *not obsessing about back fat or cringing as I walk away from people, knowing they can see my fat ass
    *going to the yearly family reunion and not sharing in on the "fat runs in the family" banter
    *letting friends tag me in photos on fb and being proud of them
    *my dd not having to explain to her school friends that I AM NOT PREGNANT

    oh I can go on..I see a post coming! Thanks for this!

  2. Great list! Number 10 is sooooo on my list! I love taking baths, but it kind of ruins the relaxation when the end of the bath is a death-match trying to get out of the tub!

  3. I am waiting to get off of blood pressure meds and for the doctor to quit telling me my cholesterol it too high. Hate that!! We are going to get this done!!!

  4. Great list! Maybe it was me? I posted something similar yesterday. I wanted to respond to your comment about C25K on my blog. You don't need an ipod to do it. Go to active.com. They'll be links to show you the program. All you need to know is how long to walk, then how long to run. All you need is good shoes, a watch and your feet!

  5. Maybe it was you, Dr! It seems like longer ago but maybe not. Days get mixed up when i have to take that mid-day nap cuz of this stupid thyroid.

    I've been to the site, but I couldn't figure out how I would keep track of time and run at the same time without the iPod. I looked for a long time. I became frustrated trying to figure it out. I have a higher than average IQ but it was somehow beyond me. Everybody I know that's done it uses an iPhone or something simmilar. do you?

  6. What a GREAT list! They are all on my list. I dread restaurant booths!!! and I sure can't wait to shop in regular sizes. I think I'll cry that day...

  7. Here are a few of mine:

    1. Wondering if someone will ask me if I am pregnant.

    2. Shopping in the regular size part of a store

    3. No more "Women" catalogs for thr plus size girl

    4. Fudging a little(!) when I get a new driver's license....

  8. Thanks for joining my blog! As for what I want after I lose the weight...I can't wait until I stop perspiring at the drop of a hat!

  9. Wonderful goals! I do hope you reward yourself with some of those cute sweaters and Victoria's Secret items when you get there!


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