23 May 2012

Emotional eating

So, I felt compelled to buy a Dr. Pepper and small bag of chips on the way to my friend's house today. And then, of course, to eat them in the car. They did not make anything better. Now I can't even get the false sense of "taking care of myself" that I used to get out of a nice little binge. I guess that's progress.

Lots of tears today, but this too shall pass. I had some John Deer therapy mowing the large front lawn with the riding mower. Very meditative and no baby bunnies were harmed in the process. Lots of robins hopping around gathering fresh nesting material, though. Still have the back yard and the hard-to-get places.

Looking forward to swimming weather this weekend!

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  1. Sorry you had a bad day. I love the lawn mowing therapy too. Maybe I need that today too.
    HOpe you have a good day today!


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