24 April 2012


Today would've been my friend Sarah's 40th birthday. After we rekindled our friendship a year or more ago, I promised myself, and blogged at length about it, that I would no longer take my body for granted.

That worked for a while. And then it didn't.

Today Sarah is no longer alive and her twin sister turns 40 alone. Sarah's body, ravaged by Type 1 diabetes through no fault of her own could no longer support her organs. Her sister still struggles with the disease.

Today somebody I love very much asked for help in a big way - to overcome their weight loss problem. I can help that person.

Today I'm going to have to realize that I've once again been ignoring the messages that God/Allah/The Universe is sending me.

Today is big.

Today  I'm being smacked upside my big fat head.



  1. Hey now seems like a good time to ask/nag you to walk with me this week. I'll bring a garbage bag to help clean later!!


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