15 August 2011

97 days

That's how long it had been since my last weigh-in.

and I gained 30.2 lbs in that time. Goes to show you that it's much easier and quicker to gain than to lose. 60% of my hard work has been undone due to my complete lack of focus.

I put in the Walk It Out game and the batteries in the WiiFit board were dead right away . . . .so here's hoping the super high read was due to the batteries failing. I doubt it though. Probably has a lot more to do with ice cream for dinner last night.

So I did about 10 minutes on WIO and could've gone longer physically, but mentally I'm just not quite ready to push myself the way I need to on that. Don't want to overdo it and psych myself out.

Ugh, no wonder putting shoes on has become such a chore.


  1. Glad your back! Here's to good focus now!

  2. Hey Lanie girl! Nice to see your post. Sorry that you gained but like you said at least you caught it before you gained it all back.

    Try to do one thing each day that will get you closer to your goal. Baby steps still get you to your destination :)

  3. Weight comes on RIDICULOUSLY easily and fights lik mad to go away. Lordy, don't I know it!

    Do get a proper scale. I have a WiiFit, and the scale is a joke. I wouldn't count on it to be reliable. You deserve a better one. :D

    Here's to focus and regaining lost ground. Don't let it upset you too much. Just refocus and make small improvements day by day.


  4. Kids want to go to the park tomorrow - we could walk together. Let me know

  5. I won't be available until after 2 or so . . .but sounds nice, :)

  6. Augh! It happens....Don't let it throw you. Just get right back to it. You can do it!!!

    Keep focused!!!!

  7. My mom asked how much more weight you had lost, and I told her what I had just read on Saturday. We can do this! How about we plan to walk on Sundays with the kid after work (and starting a week from Sunday)?

  8. come on, come on, come on, you can do it! I'm cheering for you!

  9. I here ya! I've done the same thing as you, and I'm just now getting back on the wagon. I know we can do it, I'm here for you!


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