08 February 2011

Stupid shit I did.

Why do I join these damn challenges? Because every once in a great while, they actually work for me. Darn that Spunkysuzi and her crazy ideas! When I'm on track, I weigh in every day. It's been probably a coupla weeks since I last weighed.  But this week, Suzi challenged us all to stay off the scale for the week and I thought  - why not? I'm already avoiding it,  how hard can it be?  Well, dammit! I've felt the incredible draw of the Wii Fit weigh in ever since.   And if that's not bad enough, I started reading Tim Ferriss' Four Hour Body and apparently he is a big fan of the daily weigh-in as well. Hmph. Well, I can tell you this. I don' t like it, but I'm going to try to stick to the challenge.

Remember that good eating day I had yesterday? Well today I made up for it. I'm not going into great detail, but I do want to share that I payed for it dearly almost immediately afterwards. My advice: if you haven't been eating greasy food much don't assume that even a little KFC "will be okay" just this once. Holy mother of all indoor plumbing! Pain.and.ful.


  1. :) I'm not finding it easy myself!! I think i'd better come up with something easier next week :) Hope your tummy feels better soon.

  2. Oh, greasy stuff just kills me. Moan, groan. Isn't it funny when you agree that you won't do something you want to do it? If I went on a diet where they said you can eat anything but bananas I'd be craving bananas night and day. People...we're strange.

  3. sorry didnt mean to laugh...
    I feel your pain.
    damn pizza hut that no matter how many pieces you gulp down it feels like nothing is filling you up. grrrr

  4. We all do stupid "s---" once in a while, and challenges have been one of them for me. When I'm challenged, I tend to do the opposite of what I'm supposed to be doing. ...just naturally a bit oppositional, I guess! I also need to weigh every day. I once belonged to a 12-step program where one rule was to weigh once a month. I couldn't stay off the scale, and so I was booted by a sponsor. The scale is my friend--especially when it tells me what I don't want to know. That may not be true for everyone, but I guess we're all different. ...makes things interesting that way.

  5. Yikers-KFC Karma!!! Hopefully it will be gone before it does too much damage... ;-)

    I wouldn't step on the scale tomorrow-not a good day to lose that challenge...

    Just thinking about that KFC makes my skin start to break out even more! NO MAS chiquita!

    Polar's Mom

  6. PMSL
    Oh Lanie, you crack me up
    hope all has settled for you ... ; )

    love and light

  7. KFC?? theres your problem! haha i hate kfc!
    But seriously, i have to say your post on my blog made my life. thank you so much i know being healthy neeeds to be number one and im trying to put it in its rightful place <3


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