31 December 2010

Week 3, Day 3 of 200 Squats Challenge & a rainbow, too.

My right knee is hurting a bit, but it beats the HECK out of the left kidney pain I had experienced earlier today and the pain in the butt I've spent time with today (no, not Mandy).

I did 173 squats today. 65 were consecutive. My knee hurts. Knee usually gives out before the muscles get too wobbly. Still don't think I'm up for "Spinning" class any time soon.

We've had the weirdest weather here. It's generally cold in NW Ohio in late fall and early winter, with some dustings of snow, but this year we had a white Christmas. Now, on NYE, it was 55ºF and thunderstorming. I've never seen a rainbow on New Years Eve before and today Kiddo spotted one out the window that I would've been too busy grumbling to notice without her. I love that kid.

Rainbows are good omens for me. I saw one June 21, 1987. That was the day that my (now) husband was pronounced clear of cancer after his battle and near-death from Non-Hodkins Lymphoma. I don't know what great news this rainbow will usher in but I'm hoping it's the sale of two houses, and a future of more good health and happy times for my family and friends.

Happy New Year!



  1. 173 squats!! That's incredible! And I hope the rainbow is a sign of many good things to come in the new year.

  2. I love rainbows.. Happy New Year to you and your family..

  3. Wow 173 squats is freaking FANATSTIC!

    Hey rainbows beat tornado watches in my book. Glad you saw one and that it rushes in something great!


  4. What's with the squats? Are you doing 200 in one day?

    I hope the rainbow will bring an abundance of good for you and your loved ones :)

    I couldn't watch your video, funny when I tried to click on it my computer said "make good choices" and then when I tried to type in the URL it said it wasn't available :(

  5. The challenge is to work myself up to doing 200 consecutive squats, Sue. There is link to the program on my "online tools" tab.

    The video is just silly but it fit in so well with the rest of the post, I couldn't resist sharing it. If you can't get it to work the regular way, try holding down the control key and left click. That will usually work. I've disabled right-click to prevent copying and pasting of my words for unfriendly purposes.

  6. I just started the squats and sit ups (though I may never be able to do 200 sit ups). I thought the sit ups would be a killer but the squats are HARD. Kudos to you for being able to do so many consecutively...my hat is off to you!

  7. wow, you sure do alot lanie. my knee would give out really fast since I have arthritis in both of them not to mention my back. how do you do it?? I can walk without it bothering me. keep up the great work you are doing.

  8. Hey Suzi, I was going to say that - Lanie the squat queen. Cool that you saw a rainbow. Hope it brings you the luck it did before.


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