29 November 2010

Have I mentioned of where I dream to be?

Ever since I was a little kid, I've always wanted to go to Australia. It seems so beautiful and exotic to me. There is wildlife there that cannot be found anywhere else. It has the freaking barrier reef! Koalas, kangaroos, all kinds of weird critters and birds that you can only see here in a  zoo - IF you are lucky enough to live by an awesome zoo like I do.

So several months ago I stumbled upon a blog from Sue in Victoria Queensland Australia named, ironically, Dreaming of where I want to be. Oddly, she is - geographically anyway, where I want to be. And these days . . . she's in need of some bloggy love. I know it's meant a lot to me when bloggy friends have forwarded others here to support me on my low days. I'm all about moral support. Poor Sue, comments on her blog have been slow lately. Can you go check her out, please, and help her feel better?



  1. I dream of Ireland...

    Polar's Mom

  2. I dream of USA, LA to be exact, that is where my 10 adopted frozen embryos are, waiting form me to come and take them home. Thanks for mentioning me on your blog today, much appreciated. Oh, and just so you also know, I live in Melbourne, which is located in the State of Victoria, in Australia, Queensland is another State and one the everyone loves for the warm weather ;)


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